Our Workflow

Skillsbridge is a young and dynamic IT organization that offers training, workforce and consulting services

Understanding Client's Needs

Our consultants meets with client to discuss their staffing needs, including job requirements, desired skills & qualifications, & all other relevant information.

Screening Candidates

Our consultants reviews resumes, & other application materials to identify candidates who meet requirements of the job. They also conduct phone interviews to assess candidate's qualifications & fit with company culture.

Presenting Candidates To Client

Our consultants presents a shortlist of qualified candidates to clients for review. This includes a summary of each candidate's qualifications & experience, as well as other relevant information.

Coordinating Interviews

Our consultants schedules interviews between client & candidates, & may provide guidance to both parties on the interview process & expectations.

Providing Feedback

After interviews are conducted, our consultants gathers feedback from both client & candidates & shares with the appropriate parties.


Once candidate accepts offer, our consultants may provide guidance & support to both client & candidate during onboarding process.

Work Culture & Environment

Our work culture prioritizes a inclusive culture, professional development opportunities, flexible work arrangements, a supportive work environment, clear communication channels, and an emphasis on quality. This helps us attract and retain top talent and ultimately deliver high-quality services to our clients