Frequently Asked Questions

  • Skillsbridge uses the latest and greatest technology to minimize the time and maximize the quality while sourcing candidates. Our internal Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is integrated with so many resume harvesting tools which in turn helps us to capture both passive and active candidates.

    We are unique with the fact that we “We are always recruiting on your behalf”. We look at your historical job orders and source candidates all the time passively and keep them in our ATS. When you request a candidate, we need to only qualify in terms of availability and submit them to you.

  • Prior to sending the candidates for your consideration, they go through a thorough vetting process. This may include and SkillsBridge SME interview, Skill testing etc. We give heavy weightage to their past performance and employment references. We will also assist our employees in learning new technologies and acquiring advanced skill sets. This will all ensure you that you are getting the best bang for your bucks!
  • Yes! We partner with leading online education providers, as well as create our own content just for this. We can help connect candidates and current resources with training materials. From Microsoft Office, to soft skills development, and everywhere in between.
  • We’re excited to take the next steps with you. Send us some info about you and your hiring needs, and we’ll match you with the perfect account manager so you can jump right in to finding the best resources.
  • SkillsBridge is founded in 2020 and headquartered in Bangalore, India with 1 other registered offices. We currently run payroll over 30 states in India. We have Account Managers and recruiters in the India and have a large 24*7 sourcing center in India.  We make every effort to service our clients to their utmost satisfaction.
  • SkillsBridge follows the best practices and protects its client’s interest from a legal and compliance perspective. We have very minimal paperwork that needs to be in place and it has been never a hassle for any of our clients.
  • Our internal systems track consultant data and performance in real-time. You’ll be able to easily follow and monitor performance. We keep an eye on consultant performance to make sure each resource is meeting your expectations and Service Level Agreements (SLAS). We’ll also send out a monthly report to outline performance, milestones, and any issues if needed.
  • All SkillsBridge candidates are previously vetted from a technical knowledge standpoint, soft skills and employment reference.
  • Having a flexible workforce, reducing overtime for your own employees, minimizing your risk of unemployment and workers compensation claims are some of the reasons companies use SkillsBridge workforce.
  • SkillsBridge is committed to providing the best services and maintaining the highest standard of customer service from past 20 years. We are a leader in our industry due to our work ethic, dedication, and passion for what we do.
  • Each candidate is carefully screened by identifying the technical skills required by the customer. Questions are formulated based on the customer’s “mandatory skills” and each candidate is asked those questions along with a list of personality questions. We also check work references and verify prior employment.
  • SkillsBridge performs national criminal background investigations and a 5 or 10 panel drug test prior to the employee’s start date as directed by our customers.