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    Join us as a Trainee

    If exciting experiences appeal to you and you want to contribute to the work of Skills Bridge India Pvt. Ltd. most preferred employer* by working in your chosen field, apply for a traineeship. Students and recent graduates of higher or vocational education are welcome to apply for a traineeship.

    “We are here to help you face your career with confidence!!!”

    Why take a traineeship at Skills Bridge India Pvt. Ltd.?

    • We consider your expectations and meet them wherever possible
    • Offer meaningful work and let you try realistic work situations
    • Give you a chance to learn from professionals and be part of a great team
    • Believe in your abilities and notice your contribution
    • We notice and recognize your contribution
    • Give you a great starting point and experience for a future career
    • We involve you in our enjoyable joint activities

    Who is welcome to apply for a traineeship?

    • We welcome students and recent graduates of higher or vocational education
    • Want to become professionals and are willing to work for it

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